Robb Report Spain is published in cooperation with a local partner and targets Spain’s most affluent, cultured readers. With a focus on luxury products and services offered in the islands and mainland of Spain, in Europe, and the world, Robb Report Spain satisfies the pallet of the most worldly and sophisticated individuals with a taste for luxury. As over 148,000 Spaniards hold over 1 Million Euro in liquid assets, Robb Report Spain provides a powerful environment for luxury advertisers targeting the European market.

Distributed to the 300 wealthiest individuals in Spain, luxury hotels, Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona football players, private banks, Iberia Plus cardholders, airport lounges, aboard Iberia business class flights, Michelin starred restaurants and specialized newsstands. In addition to presidents of private banks, directors of national companies, celebrities, elite sportsmen and government ambassadors.

Launch Date: December 2008

Circulation: 40,000

Frequency: 10x

Open Page Rate: $15,727 (USD)
*Open Rates, in USD. Rates may be subject to change and market exchange.